Featuring our Lamb Kebob, a New Zealand grass fed leg of lamb with grilled vegetables, basmati rice and yogurt and tomato dipping sauces.






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 Baltimore’s Premier Persian Restaurant 

Dinner Menu


Warm Appetizers
Served with Warm Pita Bread


Haleem Bademjune
A savory spread of eggplant & beans with sour cream, garlic, walnuts & spices. Similar to baba ganoush.


Sauteed Bulgarian Feta
Soft, creamy Bulgarian sheep’s cheese melted over farm tomatoes, onions. Topped with black olives.


Mango Shrimp
Jumbo tiger shrimp sauteed with onions and vegetables in a sweet & spicy Indian mango chutney sauce.


A thick peasant soup with sun-dried herbs, lentils, red kidney beans, chickpeas & Persian vermicelli noodles (Reshteh).


Eggplant & Artichoke
Layers of eggplant and artichokes & Bulgarian feta cheese smothered in a tangy-sweet dill dijon mustard sauce.


Scallops & Calamari
Sauteed scallops & calamari, pan-seared with black olives, tomato and onions and simmered in a savory garlic tomato curry sauce.


Mushroom Zaban
Curried poached tender beef tongue, sauteed with onions & portobello mushrooms.

Grilled Persian Portobello
Portobello mushroom, marinated in a pomegranate vinaigrette, grilled with tomatoes and peppers, topped with Bulgarian feta cheese, on a bed of yogurt cilantro dressing.

Chilled Appetizers
Served with Warm Pita Bread


Mango Pear Salad
Mixed greens with slices of ripe Brazilian mangoes and Bartlet pears with Bulgarian feta cheese & pomegranate vinaigrette.


Yogurt & Cucumber Salad
Homemade yogurt and chopped cucumbers with dill, mint & spring onions. Served chilled. Great as a side dish with our kebobs!


Dried Fruit Salad
Mixed greens with sun-dried mixed fruit and nuts with a pomegranate vinaigrette. Bulgarian feta optional.


Gulf Salad
Mixed greens or romaine lettuce with pepperoncini peppers, black olives, carrots, & artichokes with Bulgarian feta & pomegranate vinaigrette.


Salad Shirazi
A colorful salad of diced cucumbers & tomatoes, mint, parsley & spring onions marinated with lemon juice. Served chilled. Our lightest appetizer.


The traditional Middle Eastern spread of ground chickpeas, tahini,, garlic, and lemon. Blended with Bulgarian Feta cheese.

Innovative Persian Cuisine
Served with Basmati Rice with Persian Saffron




Spicy Kermani Beef
Sliced filet mignon sauteed with mushrooms, vegetables, pepperoncinis in a zesty tomato garlic curry sauce.


Chicken Zahedan
Seasoned breast of chicken sauteed with onions, tomatoes, peppers & olives in a tangy tomato garlic curry sauce.


Seafood Rashdi
Jumbo shrimp, sea scallops and mahi mahi sauteed and simmered in our house garlic, tomato & Persian curry sauce. Portobello mushrooms.


Chicken Abadan
Seasoned breast of chicken sauteed with jumbo shrimp & scallops in our house garlic, tomato & Persian curry sauce.


Toasted Almond Salmon
Fresh filet of Atlantic salmon, sauteed with onions, olive oil & lemon, topped with toasted almonds. Grilled veggies and a yogurt cilantro sauce on the side.


Chicken Isfahan
Fileted sauteed breast of chicken wrapped with baked eggplant and melted provolone cheese. Simmered in a mild tomato garlic curry sauce.


Seafood Advieh
Sauteed chunks of mahi mahi, shrimp & scallops. Simmered in a tomato based sauce with exotic Persian Advieh allspice (cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, rosepetals and ginger). Artichokes.


Vegetarian & Vegan Options
Inquire of your server for today’s offering.

Grilled Persian Classics


Lamb Kebob
Cubes of marinated leg of lamb with grilled tomato, onion & green peppers, served with a side of yogurt cilantro sauce.


The national kebob of Iran! Twin skewers of finely ground beef, with grilled tomato & onion, seasoned with Persian sumac.


One half skewer of filet mignon with another full of ground beef (koobiedeh). Grilled tomato & onion, Persian sumac. The Shah of kebobs!


“Leaf” in Persian, or a butterfly cut filet mignon seasoned with sumac. Grilled onion & tomato.


Joojeh Kebob
Grilled boneless breast of chicken, marinated in yogurt and mild seasonings. Grilled tomato & onion.


Mixed Kebobs
One full skewer of koobiedeh, and a half skewer of filet mignon and chicken. Grilled tomato & onion, sumac.
16.95 add 3.00 for lamb


Vegetarian Kabob
Grilled portobello, onion, tomato & green peppers with hummus, yogurt cilantro & mixed greens.

Classic Persian Khoresh (Stewed Dishes)


Duck Fesenjune
Poached leg and breast of duck in the traditional pomegranate-walnut sauce. Tomato based.


Chicken Fesenjune
Boneless poached breast of chicken in a tart, sweet & nutty pomegranate walnut sauce. The national dish of Iran!


Dried Plum Lamb
Cubes of stewed leg of lamb in a sweet, savory stew of tomatoes, plums & butternut squash.


Garlic Eggplant Chicken
Poached leg and breast of chicken in a tomato garlic sauce with eggplant & sour cream.


Zaban Ragout
Beef tongue with sauteed mixed vegetables in a rich tomato curry sauce.


Lamb Bademjune
Boneless leg of lamb in a tangy tomato stew with eggplant & pickled sour grapes.


Shirin Polo
A colorful presentation of jeweled saffron rice, slivered orange peel, carrots, raisins, zereshk currants. Served with bone in leg and breast of chicken in a mango orange sauce.


Yazdi Khoresh
A medley of vegetables in the chef’s Persian curry, tomato & garlic sauce. A vegan dish.

Try our Duck Fesenjune
Reviewed by Elizabeth Large as one of Baltimore’s “Top 10 Duck Dishes”


Prices subject to change without notice.

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